MBC Resolution Committee Discussion on Abolition Resolution

• October 22nd, 2021

Dave had the privilege to discuss issues with another resolution on abolition being put forward for MBCAM2021. This is the audio of that discussion.

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#MBCAM2021, Abolition, and Pre-Debate Show

• October 20th, 2021

Dave and Ray Ray are excited about the upcoming Missouri Baptist Annual Meeting and the added abolitionist presence and resolution work they will be apart of. They also discuss an issue from the point/counterpoint episode in the MBC Pathway. Thirdly they discuss the upcoming debate on "What is the Best Way to Defend the Faith?"

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Phillip Wright: More Deconstructionist Absurdity Part 2

• October 12th, 2021

Dave and Ray Ray continue thier commentary on Phillip Wright's (The Venues, Springfield, Mo) teaching on "The Teacher In You."

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Abolition Vs. Incrementalism: The Self-Destructive Counterpoint

• October 5th, 2021

Dave and Ray Ray give a run down of what's happening with the abolitionists at MBCAM2021 then deal with Denny Burke's unpublished pro-incremental Esther argument. Lastly, and most importantly, they demonstrate the self-refuting, cognitive dissonance of a Christian arguing on a secular platform as found in the Point/Counterpoint in the most recent MBC Pathway.

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Phillip Wright: More Deconstructionist Absurdity Pt. 1

• September 21st, 2021

Dave and Ray Ray engage, again, with Phillip Wright (The Venues Church)  and his deconstructionist absurdity. This time they deal with his talk on "The Teacher In You."

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Welcoming and Afferming in Buffalo, Mo

• September 7th, 2021

Dave and Ray Ray discuss what "welcoming and affirming" is and the absurdity of it as a description of a Christian church. This  discussion is in light of a marketing outreach of UMC Buffalo to the greater Buffalo community in Missouri.

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A Hometown Missionary with Igor Steklov

• August 31st, 2021

Dave and Ray Ray bring on Igor Steklov, a missionary in St. Petersburg, Russia, to discuss his work and the ways he proclaims and defends the Gospel in his context.

To support Igor and family in their work , check out the link below.


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Two Covenantal Apologists and an Atheist

• August 24th, 2021

Dave and Ray Ray have a dialogue with YouTuber, TJump.

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The Need for Apologetics in the Church

• August 17th, 2021

In the video, Dave shares about the need for apologetics in the Church at the Call to Samaria Conference, hosted by Sonrise Baptist Church of Bone Terre, MO. Dave uses Matthew 9:35-38 as a means to demonstrate how the study and application of apologetics is crucial to fulfilling the Great Commission.

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Meme Theology: Judas and Communion

• August 10th, 2021

Dave and Ray Ray enter the Meme Studio to discuss the meme that states that if Judas got to take communion, then everybody gets communion.


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