Noah Meme / More Sonny Stuff / Word and Way Vs. Confessionalism

• September 21st, 2020

Dave and Ray Ray hit up a "works righteousness" meme about Noah, then discussing more about the issue wth Sonny Hernandez and common grace. Dave threw Ray Ray a curveball at the end to discuss Word and Way's detestation of making professors sign confessional documents.


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Rob Phillips and Jesus Before Bethlehem

• September 15th, 2020

Dave and Ray Ray got to talk with Rob Phillips (Overseer of MBAN) to, again, talk about his newest book, "Jesus Before Bethlehem."




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Common Grace and Sonny Hernandez

• September 7th, 2020
Dave and Ray Ray discuss an article from Sonny Hernandez, who they have worked with before and been on this podcast, which is in grave error -- especially for the shared apologetical methodology.


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Missouri Baptists for the Abolition of Abortion

• September 1st, 2020

Dave and Ray Ray want to include the Mo Baptist Convention into the resolutions of the overall SBAA resolution to stand for the abolition of abortion. Join us at


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Meme Theology on Masks, Covid, and God Being Pro-Choice

• August 25th, 2020

The title explains it all, Dave and Ray Ray do their thing with some bad memes.


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Some Christians Don’t Believe The Gospel? Transgenderism Is Not A Sin?

• August 18th, 2020

Dave and Ray Ray discuss two articles, one from TGC and another from Baptist News Global. 


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Dave - They Don’t Mean What You Think They Mean

• August 10th, 2020

This is the talk Dave delivered at the Witnesses Now for Jesus Midwest Conference.


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Ray Ray - Covenantal Apologetics and the Ten Tenets

• August 3rd, 2020

This episode is a contenuation of Ray Ray's discussion with the Riverview Baptist Church youth group dealing with Covenantal Apologetics and Dr. Oliphint's Ten Tenets.


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Ray Ray - Being A Great Commission Apologist

• July 27th, 2020

Ray Ray had a great time with the Riverview Baptist Church youth group and taking about apologetics with them. This is one of two talks, "Being A Great Comission Apologist."


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Meme Theology: American By Birth, Christian By Choice / Leighton Flowers’ “Systematic Absurdity”

• July 20th, 2020

Dave and Ray Ray hit up two memes in the Meme Theology Studio.

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