False Prophesy: Jehovah Witnesses & 1914

• July 27th, 2021

Dave and Ray Ray Zoomed with fellow MBAN member, Charles Smith (Ex JW), to discuss the story of Charles Russell's 1914 "Last Generation" prophesy. 

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Did Jesus Lie?

• July 20th, 2021

Dave, Ray Ray, and Josh Jenkins ( T.A.G. Fellow) discuss a video by Youtuber and Hyperian, Morgue who puts forth an argument that Jesus lied.

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The Doctrine of Balaam and Abolition with Cali

• July 6th, 2021

Dave and Ray Ray "zoomed" with Pastor Cali, the author of "The Doctrine of Balaam," to discuss more about abolition, the SBC and the need for people to discuss the issues.

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#NCAM 1946 False Premise / Phillip Wright: Twisting The Rainbow Pt. 2

• June 29th, 2021

Ray Ray discusses a sad and false premise in the trailer to 1946: The Mistranslation That Shifted Culture then wraps up Phillip Wright's ( The Venues, Springfield, Mo) twisting of the rainbow.


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Post SBCAM21 Recap

• June 28th, 2021

Dave and Ray Ray discuss Dave's experiences at SBCAM21 with getting the Enneagram investigated, the passing of the Abolition of Abortion resolution, and Presidential issues.


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#NCAM Grab Bag

• June 15th, 2021

Dave and Ray Ray discuss the covenants again and then hit a meme concerning “Jesus’ two dads,” an ungodly “I am holy” drag queen video.


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SBAA at SBCAM21 with Dusty Deevers

• June 14th, 2021
With Ray Ray in the studio and Dave in Nashville at SBCAM21, they talk with Dusty Deevers about the Resolution to stand for the abolition of abortion -- no compromise, no exceptions.
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Some SBC Talk with Doug Shivers

• June 11th, 2021
Dave and Ray Ray host Doug Shivers (Boulevard Baptist Church) to talk about the state of the SBC prior to SBCAM 2021.


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#NCAM Phillip Wright: Twisting The Rainbow Pt 1.

• June 8th, 2021

Noahic Covenant Awareness Month continues with Dave and Ray Ray’s discussion of Phillip Wright’s (The Venues, Springfield, Mo.) twisted teaching about what the rainbow symbolizes.

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#NCAM: Genesis 8-9 & 2 Peter 3

• June 1st, 2021

It's June, it's Noahic Covenant Awareness Month! Dave and Ray Ray talk with T.A.G. Fellow, Brandon Dodd, about the Noahic Covenant: what it is and why it is important to get it right.

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