Phil Kallberg Contra Presuppositionalism: A Discussion Pt. 1

• May 4th, 2021

Dave and Ray Ray discuss Phil Kallberg’s (The Examined Life Podcast)“problem with Presuppositionalism.”

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Another Meme Theology Show

• April 27th, 2021

Dave and Ray Ray discuss two memes, one on the no fear of Covid but of the vaccine and another of (possible) transgender parenting.


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Baptists and Theonomy

• April 20th, 2021
Ray Ray and T.A.G. Fellows, Josh Jenkins and Brandon Dodd, discuss all the recent Baptist rage against theonomy. They center the discussion on a CBTS by Tom Hicks, “Why is Theonomy Unbiblical?”
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Logic: From, Through, and To - Because God Is

• April 13th, 2021

Ray Ray discusses an issue with Canon Press's "Introductory to Logic," that God being rational is only an assumption of Scripture and not explicit.


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Did God Stutter

• April 6th, 2021

Dave and Ray Ray discuss Dave's new book, "Did God Stutter."

You can directly support T.A.G. You’re It! Ministries by clicking on the link below to purchase a digital copy with a donation of any amount!

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Vaccines, Murdered Babies, and a Correct Response

• March 30th, 2021

Dave and Ray Ray are joined with Josh Jenkins and Brandon Dodd to discuss some issues surrounding the COVID vaccine, abortions, and an article from the Pathway


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#SaveGirlsSports with Jenny Schulze

• March 23rd, 2021

Dave and Ray Ray were joined in the studio with Jenny Schulze to discuss the issues of how what is labeled equality is actually ruining outcomes in sports, especially girl's sports. Join the Facebook Group:

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On the Equality Act

• March 16th, 2021

Dave, Ray Ray, and David Van Bebber Sr. get together and discuss the implications of the Equality Act, HR. 5.

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Enneagram with Don Veinot

• March 9th, 2021

Dave and Ray Ray had the awesome opportunity to discuss Enneagram with fellow ISCA member, Don Veinot. Do is the president of Midwest Outreach and author of "Richard Rohr and the Enneagram Secret."


Support Don's ministry:



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A T.A.G. Potpourri Show

• March 2nd, 2021

Dave and Ray Ray were all over the place to talk about:

Missouri SB391

Dave and Ray Ray's other recent activities

Baptist and Reformed Publishing

Dave's New Book, Did God Studder - Releasing April 5th

Why Atheists Exist?

and some Meme Theology, Jesus and the American Soldier

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